FreshRSS is now freely available

Stefano Marinelli | Oct 8, 2022

As part of our business, we keep informed every day and there’s nothing better than a list of high quality RSS Feeds. One of our favourite readers is FreshRSS

We’ve been self-hosting RSS Readers for almost a decade, and FreshRSS is what we use daily to keep track of our feeds. We’ve decided to offer a public and free installation of FreshRSS, so that you can register and start reading your feeds on both your desktop and mobile devices.

Please be respectful, respect the law, do not use our services to harm others, do not harm our servers.

We had to put a restriction on the max number of feeds per user (currently, 200) as some users were adding thousands of feeds and it was heavily slowering the update process. We kindly ask you to stay below 200 feeds per user. Otherwise, we may be (sadly) forced to disable your account.

Our FreshRSS is running in a FreeBSD jail. The jail isn’t directly exposed but is connected through a Cloudflare tunnel.

You can register and start reading here: